PNC Grow Up Great is a $350 million, multi-year, bilingual initiative that began in 2004 to help prepare children from birth to age 5 for success in school and life. Through the program, PNC emphasizes the importance of the first five years of life, which research has shown is critical to long-term achievement, and provides innovative opportunities that assist families, educators and community partners to enhance children’s learning and development.

We’ve partnered with some of the nation’s leading early childhood experts and nonprofit organizations to help guide this initiative, including Sesame Workshop, The Fred Rogers Company, and National Head Start Association.  Funding through Grow Up Great has allowed these and other non-profit organizations that support early childhood education to establish innovative school readiness programs in math, science, the arts and financial education - in Cleveland and around the country.

Whether your child wants to be an astronaut, an engineer or a doctor, the path to success begins early. Research shows children are more successful in school when their natural love of learning is encouraged long before they set foot in a classroom. Children who arrive at kindergarten ready for school are more eager to learn and try new things, and are better prepared socially, emotionally and intellectually. Plus, they are more likely to finish school, attend college, succeed in the workplace, and be involved in their community. That is just one of the many reasons PNC is dedicated to providing parents with the tools and resources they need to help children get ready for school.

Now, Grow Up Great is part of PNC Fairfax Connection!  In cooperation with our Cleveland partners, many exciting Grow Up Great programs will be available to the children of Fairfax, along with their caregivers, families, and teachers.  Learn more about the free educational resources offered through PNC so that your child not only grows up… but grows up great!

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