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PNCFC Connection Camp

New Life At Calvary 7820 Euclid Ave, Cleveland

The PNCFC Connection Camp is a free summer program for students; ages 12 – 17 and you don’t want to miss out! In collaboration with Reach Success and New Life

ROBOTICS WEEK: PNCFC Connection Camp Module 3

New Life At Calvary 7820 Euclid Ave, Cleveland

Robotics: 7.12.21 – 7.23.21 #CrankUpThePower This module will introduce scientific concepts focused on creating robots, coding & Much More! Build your own fast, smart, cool robot, learn to code &

Songwriting 1/3

Please join us to learn the fundamentals of songwriting and song construction! This course is for both aspiring and experienced songwriters. Participants will learn to apply the principals of songwriting,